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Waffles, Waterfalls, and Winter Wonders

Frozen waterfall

After a good night of sleep, we decided to treat ourselves to a delicious brunch and headed to Café STAAR. The waffles there were absolutely amazing. We indulged in a sweet salmon waffle and a cloudberry jam waffle, both bursting with flavor. The cloudberries in the jam were handpicked by the owner, which added a special touch to the meal. Cloudberries are a Finnish specialty, and it was a delight to try them in such a unique way. Waffles

We also learned an interesting fact about Rovaniemi during our brunch: the streets of the city are designed in the shape of a reindeer’s head! This fun tidbit added an extra layer of charm to our exploration.

Frozen Waterfalls All Around

With full stomachs, we decided it was time to embark on another adventure. We hopped in our car and drove to the frozen waterfalls of Korouoma in Posio. Korouoma Canyon is a stunning natural reserve known for its breathtaking winter landscapes. The area is particularly famous for its frozen waterfalls, which attract ice climbers and nature enthusiasts from all over. Frozen waterfall

We hiked a circular route of approximately 5km and visited the three largest frozen waterfalls at Korouoma, which are called Jaska Jokunen (Charlie Brown), Ruskea virta (the Brown River) and Mammuttiputous (the Mammoth Fall). The circular route is called Koronjää hiking trail. We also saw some ice climbers climb on to the Mammoth fall, it was impressive! Frozen waterfall pointing

The trail was a bit slippery, especially on the way down, and there were moments when we resorted to sliding down on our butts like a makeshift slope. It was both hilarious and thrilling!

The frozen waterfalls were a sight to behold. The ice formations created intricate patterns and shimmering cascades that looked like they were straight out of a winter fairy tale. The tranquility of the snow-covered forest added to the magic of the experience.

Roasting Marshmellows

At the end of the trail, we gathered around a barbecue area where we roasted marshmallows and sausages to warm up. The crackling fire and the cozy atmosphere made it the perfect end to our winter hike. Roasting marshmellows

It was a great afternoon filled with natural beauty, laughter, and delicious treats. We returned to our Airbnb with hearts full of joy and anticipation.

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