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Ice Climbing in Pyha

Ice climbing

Our final day in Lapland began with an early wake-up call and a sense of eager anticipation. We set off on a drive to Pyhä, our destination: the majestic Pyhatunturi, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and thrilling outdoor activities. Today, we were about to embark on an adventure that promised both excitement and a touch of challenge – ice climbing. We booked this activity through Lapland Private. Ice climbing

Ice Climbing Adventure

Ice climbing in Pyhatunturi is an exhilarating experience, perfect for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. As we strapped on our crampons and grasped our ice axes, we couldn’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline. The ascent was both physically demanding and immensely rewarding. Each swing of the axe and step on the ice brought us closer to the summit, and the sense of accomplishment was unparalleled. The frozen waterfalls and icy cliffs were a testament to the raw beauty of the Arctic, making every effort worth it. Lucky we got some very tasty hot berry juice to warm up afterwards. Hot berry juice

Once we had conquered the ice walls, we decided to take the Pyhä Express chairlift to the top of the fell. The chairlift ride, a serene journey through snow-laden trees, promised panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Unfortunately, nature had other plans. As we ascended, we were enveloped in a thick mist, and the wind howled around us. The summit, usually a vantage point for stunning vistas, offered us a view of nothing but white. It was a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of Lapland’s weather. Our advice for fellow travelers: always check the weather forecast before heading up. We certainly will next time! Pyha chairlift

Fine Dining in Rovaniemi

Despite the weather, our spirits remained high. We descended back to Rovaniemi and spent our evening at Nili, a quintessential Lapland restaurant. The warm, rustic ambiance of Nili was the perfect setting for our farewell dinner. We indulged in traditional Lapland cuisine, savoring dishes like reindeer stew and Arctic char, each bite a celebration of the region’s rich culinary heritage. It was the ideal way to conclude our journey, surrounded by the flavors and warmth of Lapland. Nili meal

Time to Pack Up

As the night drew to a close, we returned to our accommodation to pack our belongings. Our flight was scheduled for the next morning, and it was time to bid adieu to this enchanting land. Reflecting on our week in Lapland, we felt a profound sense of gratitude for the experiences we had shared – from the awe-inspiring natural wonders to the unique cultural encounters.

Lapland had welcomed us with open arms and left us with memories that would last a lifetime. As we zipped up our bags and prepared for our departure, we knew that this wouldn’t be a goodbye, but rather a “see you again.” Lapland wind

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