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Chasing Winter Dreams in Rovaniemi: A Complete Guide

Lake Bled island with a church

Imagine waking up in the winter wonderland of Rovaniemi, surrounded by snow-covered trees and with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. That’s exactly what we experienced during our 7-day stay in this magical city. We rented a car for the last 3 days to explore a little out of the city as well.

As we explored the city, we learned that Rovaniemi is not only the capital of Lapland, but it’s also home to the Arctic Circle, which is the line of latitude where the sun stays below the horizon during the winter solstice. This was such a unique experience for us, as we were able to cross the Arctic Circle and stand in two hemispheres at once.

One of the interesting things we discovered about Rovaniemi is that it’s home to the University of Lapland, which is the northernmost university in the European Union.

The city is also home to the Kemijoki River, which is the longest river in Finland. We took a stroll along the riverbank and enjoyed the peacefulness of the snow-covered landscape.

Lastly, we couldn’t help but notice the city’s street plan, which is in the shape of a reindeer. We thought this was such a charming touch and it really added to the city’s unique character.

Overall, our stay in Rovaniemi was filled with unforgettable experiences and we left with a deep appreciation for Lapland’s culture, nature, and people.

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